Mastermind Watch: Week 15

Ouch. I keep hoping that it was a bad dream. The Chiefs blasted the Broncos 45-17 in a game that didn’t seem that close. Everyone contributed to the loss. The special teams gave up a TD return to Dante Hall on the opening kickoff. The offense gave up 3 turnovers. The defense created 0 turnovers while giving up 410 yards. And the TV station that I was watching left for a more competitive game.

Despite the MasterMind’s offensive virtuosity, Shanahan has not shown the ability to find and groom a top-flight NFL quarterback. Brian Griese self-destructed after a promising beginning and Jake Plummer continues to exhibit an alarming immaturity in big games.

The Denver Post reports that Plummer will return in 2005. The Broncos do not have any other quarterback options if they intend to return to greatness while the MasterMind remains. But part of me feels that it is time to blow up the team and begin the rebuilding process.

The MasterMind hasn’t shown an ability to win big games without a big-time QB. He hasn’t shown an ability to groom a big-time QB. Perhaps it is time for a new Master Plan.