D-Link DI-624 and AirPort Extreme

We upgraded the home network to 802.11g last week. The hardest part of the process was sifting through the internet to evaluate compatibility with AirPort Extreme. So there was a certain amount of trepidation when we purchased a D-Link DI-624.

I’m pleased to say that I’m experiencing no problems between our 10.3.8 PowerBook and Rev C DI-624 (2.50 firmware) using WPA-PSK. The ‘book reported an error when I entered the pass phrase, but I have not detected any problems since. There are no error messages on either the console or the router log while the ‘book stays awake (there is a disconnect/connect burp every time it sleeps/wakes).

Anyone interested in a used D-Link DI-614+? D-Link marked it’s end of life in March 2004, but it’s a solid 802.11b wireless router that gave us 2 years of troublefree service.