March Numerology

With the announcement of the tournament brackets, it’s time for the annual complaining about seeds. Personally; I think that it’s the matchups not the seeding, the 1-seed doesn’t get any extra points. And for my money; if you can’t be a high seed (1-4), then 11 is the lucky number. Your road to the sweet sixteen goes through a 6-seed and a 3-seed. Good teams, but flawed; the kind of teams that get beat by Cinderella on the way to the ball.

Stanford men get an 8-seed. Just about the worst seed you can get. You’re guaranteed a tough game against a 9-seed and a 1-seed is penciled in for your second game. If Stanford gets past Mississippi State and Duke to the sweet sixteen, then I’ll be celebrating like it’s a national championship.

On the distaff side of things, the #1 ranked Stanford women get a 2-seed. And to make things worse, I don’t really disagree. The poll punishes late losses, rewards late wins, and never really corrects for strength of schedule. In a down year [decade?] for the west coast, Stanford didn’t eard a 1-seed.

That being said, what did Stanford do to deserve a projected matchup with 3-seed Connecticut? UConn started the year slow. But it looks like they’ve finally come to grips to basketball without Taurasi. Right now, I think that UConn is the strongest of the 3-seeds and I wouldn’t be surprised if they made the final four.