Try the Hedgehog

I’ve been waiting for a live CD linux for the powerbook. And thanks to Simon Willison, I’ve found one:

The Ubuntu community have released Hoary Hedgehog, otherwise known as Ubuntu 5.04. If you haven’t tried Ubuntu yet, it’s an excellent Linux distribution based on Debian with a strong focus on desktop usability. …

Best of all, Ubuntu has a Live CD similar to Knoppix which allows you to try out the distribution without installing a thing - just drop the live CD in to the drive on a x86 PC [or Apple PowerPC or AMD64 PC] and reboot.

My only issue so far is the lack of support for my Airport wireless card.

22 Apr: I don’t expect Airport support anytime soon. Apple pushes it off to Broadcom and Broadcom pushes it off to FCC. No reason to expect things to change.