HDTV has landed

I was due for a new TV. I had a 32” Sony WEGA back in California. But I left it with my brother in Colorado rather than try to get it up to my 4th floor Upper West Side walkup. So I made do with a 20” flat tube, much more appropriate for a 1 bedroom not much bigger in its entirety than my California living room. When I joined my partner in Connecticut, my primary TV became an old style 27” tube TV. I might have settled for a 27” flat tube, but I couldn’t find one shallow enough to fit into my partner’s entertainment center. So I bought a 32” LCD HDTV.

I have mixed emotions about HDTV. Sports are much better in wide screen high definition. But everything still needs to work for normal TV - so it doesn’t really use the extra real estate or need the high definition. But if you’re going to buy a new TV, a quality TV; then I think the extra money for high definition is a good investment.