LCD Bang for the Buck

Once upon a time, I was noted for over buying - purchasing goods whose capabilities exceeded my personal ability to use or perceive. I seem to have outgrown that. HDBeat advises that buyers go for the slightly higher in price but much better quality Samsung or Sharp, rather than the entry price Westinghouse.

I thought about buying a Samsung or a Sony rather than the Westinghouse. But the Westinghouse was $1300, the Samsung was $1800 and the Sony was $1900 (all 32” LCD HDTV with speakers on the bottom). And I just couldn’t convince myself that either the Samsung or the Sony was worth the extra bucks. So I banked the money towards my next TV purchase.

BTW, HDBeat is a great source for all the latest Hi-Def news. I didn’t know about it when I bought my HDTV. You shouldn’t make that same mistake.