Running It Up

Everyone is in agreement that last night’s Brawl at the Garden was a disgrace. I don’t need to add any fuel to the fire.

What perplexes me is the sentiment that the baby-blue mafia was responsible for the entire affair. According to this theory, George Karl is responsible for the brawl because he left the starters in to run up the score in retaliation for the way Larry Brown was treated by the Knicks.

Contrast that with common reactions to the Connecticut 50 Point Suspension Rule:

And yet another example of “everyones a winner” mentality infecting sports and rewarding mediocrity.

This rule is just wrong, this rule is liberalism run amok.

How is it acceptable for high school football teams to run up the score while unacceptable for professionals to do the same? The Knicks are highly paid professionals. If they don’t like being down by 20 points, then they should play up to the level of their salaries and keep the game close.