Know Thyself

A man’s got to know his limitations.

A successful technology company has to steer a course between the rock of good enough and the hard place of anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Good enough is by definition, good enough. It gets the job done. Unfortunately, it doesn’t pack any wow. And you need some wow to build the word of mouth that wins you acceptance on main street.

Doing well provides lots of opportunity for wow. But it can take too long to bring your product to market. Time that your competitors, who have deftly balanced good enough against doing well, will use to take your market away from you.

I have a serious case of perfectionism. So advising me that something is good enough is invariably the right thing to do. Because good enough to me is pretty darn good to most others. And there will be a generous helping of doing well.

But if you’re the type who stops when things are good enough, then you probably need a good strong kick to take things to the next level. Because your idea of good enough is apt to be another’s idea of not quite. And you’re probably missing that little something that makes a product special.