Well, enough dilly-dallying about. It was finally time to upgrade to Leopard. Rather than upgrade in place, I decided that this was my excuse to update my hardware a bit - I upgraded from the stock 1G Ram/80G disk to 4G RAM/120G disk (3G addressable/7200 rpm).

With my new hard disk in place, I started the clean install. After defining a new primary user and importing user settings, I was back in business. Now it was time to start the configuration process:

  1. Name the computer:

    sudo hostname -s truckasaurus
    sudo scutil --set ComputerName truckasaurus
    sudo scutil --set LocalHostName truckasaurus

  2. Remove the hard disk icon from my desktop via Finder Preferences
  3. to be continued …

8 Mar: The hostname command only affects the LocalHostName - and that only temporarily. Use scutil instead.
8 Mar: Leopard Configuration part 2