Tierney goes to DU

This is a surprise:

Whenever the time came to hire a coach, college lacrosse programs across the country had been reaching out to Princeton’s Bill Tierney for years. They were not necessarily trying to pry him away. They just wanted advice from someone who had spent nearly four decades in the game - maybe a few names, or a couple of places to look.

When the University of Denver began searching for a coach last month, it was no different. Except, Tierney said, the more he heard about the job, the more he was intrigued.

I started following NCAA lacrosse in the early 90’s by sheer happenstance - I would return from my early morning Memorial Weekend tennis, turn on ESPN and find the semi-finals on Saturday and the finals on Monday. This was right around the time that Princeton started their run of 5 championships in 7 years and I became a casual fan of lacrosse in general and Princeton lacrosse in specific.

It would be great for lacrosse to expand out of its north-eastern roots to the rest of the country and I wish DU and Tierney good luck.