Two Lifetimes

Well, those two lifetimes went by quickly.

My first TextDrive lifetime lasted about nine years. That ended in disappointment as parent Joyent discarded TextDrive and its obligations for lifetime hosting and lifetime accelerators (VPS).

My second TextDrive lifetime lasted just over a year. That ended on Friday when I noticed my weblog was down. A visit to TextDrive yielded this:

As anyone looking for decent support or even useful information over the past few months can attest, the revival of TextDrive has not been a success.

What began in mid-2012 as an exciting challenge fuelled by good intentions and lean resources quickly turned into a cleanup project with almost no resources.

It is disappointing to report that after a year and a half of uphill battles and unimagined setbacks, after several costly efforts to regroup and find another way, options to keep TextDrive growing have run out, and we will cease operations on the 14th of March, 2014.

For those who wish to know, details of what went wrong will be made available once shutdown operations have completed.

Sorry to have let you down.


I had several months warning the first time around. This time I was completely unprepared. Fortunately, Jacques Marneweck at Kaizen Garden has stepped in to help recover data. Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers.