The End of Innocence

You don’t buy an apartment to make money. You buy it to make a home, a place of your own.

I didn’t become one of the TextDrive VC200, add the Mixed Grill and a lifetime accelerator to save money. I joined to establish my home on the web. A place to which I could always return.

That’s part of what TextDrive took away from me. I thought I had a home for life.

Other members of the VC200 may have received good value on their investment. But I never had more than one website and I never launched a live application on my accelerator. But I always knew that I could.

I suppose that I should have known that commercial lifetime isn’t the lifetime of the seller or the buyer, but the lifetime of the product being sold. But I somehow thought it would be different this time. That a medium in which people were brands and reputation mattered would be different.

That’s another thing that TextDrive tried to take away from me. I’m hoping that they failed.