AgileBits +1

Back last year after 1Password 4 for Mac was released we had an absolutely massive number of users who had emailed in with questions and it took us months to claw our way out of that. Unfortunately, you were one of the people we hadn’t been able to reply to. As an apology for that missed opportunity of ours to make you happy I just sent you a free copy of 1Password 4 for Windows and Mac

Kyle SwankAgilebits

The goal of any company is to keep their good customers loyal. It’s pretty clear that I’m a good customer (1Password, 1Password Pro, 1Password Family Upgrade, 1Password for Windows Family, 1Password 4 IOS, 1Password 4 Mac). And this is how AgileBits locks in my loyalty.

They didn’t need to gift me new licenses. But it’s nice to feel to feel appreciated.