End of the Dream

I’m a Broncos fan. So I freely admit that my objectivity regarding DeflateGate is suspect. But one thing is clear.

Not so long ago, Jastremski and McNally would have said they were living the dream. Jastremski worked for one of the premier franchises in the NFL, perennial Super Bowl contenders. Half the male population of the United States wanted his job. McNally was a part time employee of the Kraft group, working Patriots home games. McNally is reported to have been associated with the Patriots for ⅔ of his life.

Now, Jastremski is indefinitely suspended without pay. He will probably never work for a professional sports team again. McNally will never be on the sidelines of an NFL game again.

However DeflateGate plays out, Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady will be fine. Kraft will be a fabulously wealthy NFL owner, Belichick will be one of the best coaches in NFL history and Brady will be an all time great at quarterback. But the lives of Jastremski and McNally will never be the same again.