Version Control +1

I keep Take the First Step under version control. This keeps things in sync across multiple computers so that I can post from any of them. It also lets me use “git checkout -f .” rather than “hexo clean” to reset my hexo state (clean removes the existing article id’s, causing a refresh of all content pages).

It also gives me another layer of protection against the problem with archiving. At any point in time, I have:

  1. Full source and rendering of my weblog on one computer (which ever I posted from last).
  2. Full rendering of my weblog on S3.
  3. Full source and partial rendering of my weblog on Bitbucket.
  4. Almost complete source and rendering of my weblog on my other computers.

In addition, my markdown source and rendered html are simple files on the file system - I can view and edit either in any text editor.

I didn’t worry about this back in 2011. Then my “lifetime” hosting imploded and I recovered my content thanks to Jacques Marneweck at Kaizen Garden and the Wayback Machine. I’m more careful about things after my reboot last year.