Weblog Software and the Internet Food Chain

It’s always important to understand the food chains that you live in. Google is not part of the internet, search is part of the internet. Google is the strongest manifestation of search and currently at the top of the Internet Food Chain. Similarly, Weblogs are a part of the internet with the various implementations only manifestations. Which is a very roundabout way of saying that trackback is now part of the internet.

The internet is many Small Pieces Loosely Joined and trackback is an important part of that joining. Conversations span many places and trackback allows the conversation to be followed from beginning to end – rather than from middle to beginning. And if that means that Google needs to change, then that’s what Google is going to have to do.

But one of things that I learned while working alliances is that you really need to understand your place in the Food Chain. And since Google is at the top, weblog software needs to make accommodations for it. So it’s probably a good thing that TypePad embeds comments and TrackBack pings within the individual entry page. On the other hand, they should expect trackback spam to join the current comment spam. They need to address this before the cure becomes worse than the problem.

I’m a bit fuzzy where BlogRolling and Technorati reside in the food chain. So I can’t use that to say who needs to do what so that the two will play together. But as I endeavor to transfer Google PageRank from my old home on the Radio Community Server to IdeoPlex, I’ve noticed that Google and Blogrolling don’t seem to play together either. The backward links to my old home don’t seem to include fredshouse.net. It seems to me that BlogRolling needs to make sure that it plays well with Google [and Technorati].

Finally, it seems that Joi-san is a PageRank rainmaker. Since it was months before I got any PageRank, I thought that I would look into it. I don’t know whether Joi-san’s pages are dynamic, static, or a blend of the two. But I suspect that the Technorati inbound links on each page are PageRank bingo – good timing leads to lots of GoogleJuice. If this is the case, then it seems to me that Joi needs to hide the inbound links from Google.