Beane's Time Running Out

Hmmm, maybe listening to Mike and the Mad Dog has made me a bit sensitive on the topic of Billy Beane. I don’t think that either of them is capable of mentioning his name without including the word idiot. But Ryan clarifies that it is idiotic and counter-productive act for Beane to use the small market excuse yet again.

Now, if I were to put on my amateur psychologist hat, then I’d be tempted to say that the small market is Beane’s personal security blanket. I’d be tempted to say that one of the reasons he walked away from the Boston Red Sox position was to preserve his security blanket. And I’d be tempted to say that he’s trying to manage expectations so that he can meet them next year.

I just hope that he realizes his advantage is disappearing. He’s going to lose the Big Three to the Big $$$. His widening circle of disciples are competing for his players. The A’s future is rapidly becoming now.