Readership Data

I moved Take the First Step off the Radio Community Server to get my own domain name. And I selected Page-Zone to get better readership data – many services don’t provide access to the raw server logs. So I am reasonably confident that I have 9 RSS subscribers. That about 5% of requests and 2.5% of my bandwidth are for my RSS feed. And that a little over 90% of the requests for my RSS feed return code 304. So if Scoble wants more readership data, then he should think about moving to a hosting service.

Moving off the Radio Community Server was easy. I only had half a years of posts to examine for broken links, and those were easy to find by grepping through the local backup (Radio preference) of the upstreamed files. The hard part is getting the rest of the world to update your links. I modified many of the pages on the RCS to do a meta-refresh to the new site, but the search engines are full of pages to the old site.

Of course, my bandwidth needs are minimal. Scoble’s index page is over 4 times as large as mine, his rss feed is over 5 times as large, and he gets over 7 times my page reads. So I don’t think $5/month is going to cover his bandwidth. But I’m happy with the value I get from my $5/month.