Customer [Dis]Satisfaction

With local number portability just two weeks away, it’s time for stupid cellular service stories.

  • No one can help you now – from AT&T Wireless after the second wasted call in 24 hours. They are very efficient in sending out payment delinquincy notices. If they could only keep their computers working long enough to find out why a direct bank payment wasn’t credited.
  • That will require a new service contract – from Sprint PCS when trying to change the billing address. It was a New York number, an invalid Virginia address, and a valid Connecticut address. Who cares about the billing address on a nationwide plan with no roaming and no long distance fees? Since the bill was paid electronically, it was easier not to correct the billing address.
  • Maybe you should change your provider – to my old boss when he called to get a replacement phone. With a $1000/month cell phone habit, I would have thought that they would bend over backwards. He had to call back to talk to a supervisor before getting a new phone.