Radio Roadmap Up

The 2004 Radio Roadmap is up. And it’s good to see the plan. But, the Roadmap is missing what I consider the Number One priority: hosted domain names.

Radio Userland is a great product for the beginner: Integrated news aggregator with easy post quoting; hosted space included with the annual subscription; easy switching between the included themes; 30 day free trial. But it doesn’t allow hosted users to have their own domain name.

And because it doesn’t support hosted domain names, I’m reluctant to recommend Radio to anyone with the potential to establish serious googlejuice. Because there is no good way to move from the hosted Userland site to your own domain.

5 Aug: I must not have been clear. The annual Radio subscription includes hosting. But you cannot use your own domain name for a Userland hosted weblog. You must provide your own host - too much for most beginners.