Focus, Focus, Focus

Right now, Steve’s mantra is upstreaming, comments, application stability. I can’t argue about keeping your eye on the ball. But it never hurts to think about what comes next. My wish list includes:

Domain Names for Userland hosted weblogs: ‘Nuff said already.

Secure Upstreaming: Perhaps not a problem with Userland hosted weblogs, but for those of us with hosted space compromising the FTP login can open the doors to everything. Right now, I render files to my hard drive and rsync them up to my space. It would be a lot easier with a secure upstream driver.

Reappearing news: I have a problem with old posts reappearing in my news aggregator. It seems to primarily happen with high volume MT blogs. I’ve kept copies of the underlying feed files, and it happens with feeds that have not changed. I speculate that there are so many items that Radio gets confused about what’s old and what’s new - feed has 30 items, radio has 15 cached, radio thinks other 15 are new and caches those, next go around the reverse happens and the originally cached 15 now look new. Rinse and Repeat.

Fragile news presentation: Ditto to Cristian Vidmar’s post on a single badly sized post making an entire page of news unreadable.

News grouping: I’d like to be able to group news feeds together in my aggregator. I’m using folders in Bloglines, and it makes a difference.

Trackback excerpts: Radio uses the post’s first sentence for it’s trackback excerpt. I’d like to have the option of supplying the excerpt text. Or how about taking the sentence with the link?