MasterMind Watch: Week 4

The Bronco’s running game continues to misfire with 111 yards on 35 attempts. Quentin Griffin’s qualifications as the feature back remain in doubt as he rushed for 66 yards on 21 attempts. The MasterMind is still looking for his missing rushing attack.

On the other side of the trade, Clinton Portis rushed for 58 yards on 20 carries with a fumble in a Washington loss to Cleveland. He’s not looking like the running back that rushed for 1500 yards in his first two seasons with the Broncos. And he’s not looking like a 50 Million Dollar Man.

Right now, the trade of Portis for Bailey isn’t looking so bad. But the loss of Gibbs to the Falcons looks huge. With the rest of the AFC West falling apart, the Broncos are still in good shape. But the MasterMind needs to find his running game soon.