Google Analytics

Gene’s post on MyBlogLog reminded me that I’ve been without a good analytics package since TextDrive broke up with Urchin. So I signed up for Google Analytics to see what I’ve been missing.

Wow. Google Analytics is dramatically better than the Urchin 5 that used to be available from TextDrive. The data presentation is improved and there is more data collected to boot. I wish that I had a goal page with a funnel just so I can see how it works.

I don’t think that I needed to know that 49% of my page reads are from IE, that 89% of my page reads are from MS Windows, or that that 75% of my page reads are broadband.

But it is interesting to know that only 4% of my page reads are seen on a 800x600 screen or smaller. My style sheet is set up for a width of 780. I don’t think that I want to stretch out the width of my main body, but it seems that I have the real estate to add another column on the right.

Update: I should also mention that I purchased 12 month’s of MyBlogLog Pro. Google Analytics crunches its data once a night, while MyBlogLog Pro satisfies my thirst for real-time statistics.