Standalone Trackback and Comment Update

I’ve made another update to my homebrew standalone trackback and comment package. You can now edit the author, url and comment fields of comments. Those who host their own Radio Userland weblog can use this as a drop-in replacement for the Userland hosted service. Those using other weblog software will need to modify their templates.


  • Composite Trackback RSS feed
  • Composite Comment RSS feed
  • Trackback and Comment deletion (unfortunately, this does not propagate to the RSS feed)
  • Comment Editing


  • Web Server capable of running cgi scripts
  • Perl with the following Perl Modules:
    • File::Spec
    • Storable
    • CGI
    • CGI::Cookie

I believe that these are core modules as of Perl 5.6.0.

Download standalone trackback and comments.

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